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Congratulations on the 100th anniversary of Russian Civil Aviation

On February 9, 1923, the Council of Labor and Defense of the RSFSR adopted a resolution “On the assignment of technical supervision of air lines to the Main Directorate of the Air Fleet and on the organization of the Council for Civil Aviation.”

On March 17, 1923, the Russian Society of the Voluntary Air Fleet – ” Dobrolet ” was created, which became the ancestor of Aeroflot . In July of the same year, the first regular domestic line Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod was opened, 420 kilometers long. On October 19, the Labor and Defense Council approved a plan for the development of overhead lines in the country from 1924 to 1926 . And in December, the first domestic passenger aircraft AK 1 was tested , which subsequently served the Moscow-Kazan-Moscow airline.

This time is the beginning of the rapid development of the entire civil aviation industry, which for 100 years has become an integral part of the country’s economic life. This is the result of the purposeful and selfless work of hundreds of thousands of people, whose creative activity, professionalism and experience today is the key to rapid development in the future.

In the days of celebrating the 100th anniversary of domestic civil aviation, we wish you always a bright sky over your head, good health, prosperity in life, good luck in all your affairs and undertakings! We value our cooperation and express the hope that it will grow stronger and develop. Happy holiday!

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