Bible reading on the daily basis the Audibible podcast by all members, International, Church’s God, Brother Eli Soriano popularity and this is known as The TruthCaster

Description of Audibible:

Designed this app to fulfill the needs of the oral learners in the whole world, and this app Audibible provide the longing of God to the people who want to listen in their heart languages and those who want to share it with the world.

When the people of 80% in the world do not read, but they try to read or prefer to hear. They can’t plunge themselves into the World of God till they listen to it. So, the Audibible App makes oral people listen to the Word of God in their heart languages and at last, they say “God to speaks my language!”

Audibiblles App provides which made by Davar Partners on the International level and licensed for free distribution. Because continuously increasing the opportunities of recording, the goal of Davar creates whole audio freely offer via Audibible App. Download the material and also share it in the world for free.

In addition, the AUDIBLE APP offers partners the opportunity to support Davar Partners in our mission to make God’s Word available to people of all languages. Members can easily donate through a secure platform that supports ongoing Bible recording around the world.

Audibible-Player Summery Details:


Physical properties

  • Handheld, the unit of solar-powered
  • A chapter to help seek quick send the playback

Abstract of content:

A solar rechargeable audio player in the rough case of a mobile phone can hold hundreds of hours of high-quality audio content.

  • Rotate / pause motion.
  • Braille navigation signs help people who are blind or visually impaired.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Indication of missing or invalid content.
  • Designed for use in a variety of difficult situations.
    Size: 103mm x 70mm x 21mm (4.1 “x 2.8” x 0.79 “)
    Weight: 110 grams (4 ounces)

Audio / music quality

  • Internal speakers with high music quality and high output.
  • 3.5mm high fidelity stereo headphone / line output jack.
  • Up to 200 hours of audio content can be stored on a 2GB microSD card.


  • AC Power Adapter
  • External speakers and high volume earbuds
  • Load microSD card and lanyard

Battery charger

  • The battery charges quickly
  • Solar powered, can play for more than 9 hours a day
  • Can be charged from various external DC sources such as 12 and 24V car sources
    -DC-ins have reverse polarity and pile protection of up to 60V
  • Rechargeable batteries are durable and have a low downtime.
  • When the temperature is too high or too low, the battery automatically shuts off charging, so the battery is not damaged by temperature.

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