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Aviation colleges after grades 9 and 11 in Russia: how to enter, passing scores, tuition fees

Those who want to conquer the skies and dream of connecting life with flying should enroll in an aviation school or a specialized university. Like universities, aviation colleges are of two types: civil aviation flight schools and military aviation schools.

It is better for applicants to immediately decide on the direction: the conditions of study will depend on this. We will present the best aviation schools in Russia and tell you about the features of admission.

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Aviation College: specialties

On average, Prof. education, there are quite a few areas of aviation profile:

  • flight operation of aircraft;
  • production and maintenance of aviation equipment;
  • production of aircraft;
  • production of aircraft engines;
  • aviation devices and complexes;
  • the technical operation of aircraft and engines;
  • aircraft engine maintenance;
  • the technical operation of electrified flight and navigation systems.

Most of the specialties are related to the maintenance of aviation equipment and its components. If the applicant is more interested not in design, but in the flights themselves, it is worth choosing the first educational program.

Flight schools in Moscow

Applicants can choose from the following civil aviation flight schools in Moscow and the region:

  1. Egorievsk Aviation Technical College is named after V.P. Chkalov.
  2. Zhukovsky Aviation College is named after V. A. Kazakov.
  3. Moscow College of Management, Hotel Business and Information Technology “Tsaritsyno”.
  4. College of Physics and Technology.
  5. The Western complex of continuing education.
  6. Polytechnic College is named after N. N. Godovikov.
  7. Lukhovitsky Aviation College.

In the listed aviation schools of civil aviation, there are budget places, their number depends on the chosen specialty. The biggest competition is for the “aviation devices and systems” direction.

Flight Colleges of Russia

Those who are not going to conquer the capital can get specialized education in a civil or military flight school in one of the Russian cities.

Flight Schools of civil aviation in Russia

There are aviation technical colleges of civil aviation in different regions of the Russian Federation:

  1. Omsk flight technical college of civil aviation is named after A. V. Lyapidevsky.
  2. Krasnokutsk Flight School of Civil Aviation UI GA.
  3. Irkutsk Aviation College .
  4. Perm Aviation College was named after A. D. Shvetsov.
  5. Sasovo was named after the Hero of the Soviet Union G. A. Taran flight school of civil aviation (branch of UI GA).
  6. Kazan Aviation Technical College is named after P.V. Dementiev.
  7. Buguruslan Flight School of Civil Aviation is named after the Hero of the Soviet Union P. F. Eromasov, St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.
  8. Kirsanov Aviation Technical College MSTU GA.
  9. Voronezh Aviation College is named after V.P. Chkalov.

There is only one aviation and transport college in St. Petersburg: the Vyborg branch of the St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation.

Military aviation schools in Russia

If an applicant wants to build a career related to military service, it is better to enter the state military flight schools of Russia, a list of which we attach:

  1. Armavir Faculty of Fighter Aviation.
  2. Balashov Faculty of Military Transport and Long-Range Aviation.
  3. Borisglebsky faculty of assault and front-line bomber aviation.
  4. Krasnodar Faculty of aviation combat control.
  5. Syzran Faculty of Army Aviation.
  6. Chelyabinsk faculty of navigators training.

All of the listed faculties belong to the Voronezh Air Force Unified Center and are the highest military flight schools in Russia.

What do you need to get into flight school?

Applicants are often interested in what exams to take at the flight school. There are no internal tests for individual subjects, but a tough selection awaits future pilots: in addition to passing the medical. commissions, they also pass physical standards. These results affect the ranking of applicants.

As for other requirements for civil aviation flight schools, some colleges do not take into account the average score of the certificate, but marks for specific subjects:

  • mathematics;
  • Russian language;
  • physics;
  • foreign language.

The list of documents for admission to the flight school is the same as for other colleges.

You can enter the flight military school after the 11th grade. Since they belong to higher educational institutions, they will need to take exams (mathematics, physics, Russian) and physical standards, as well as undergo medical examinations. commission.

The procedure for entering flight schools for girls differs only in the number of physicals. standards: girls need to pass fewer standards than boys.

Honey. flight school commission

Conditions for passing medical commissions depend on the chosen direction. For admission to engineering specialties, a general certificate of form 086 / y is sufficient. Future pilots must also submit other certificates and test results, after which they will be able to pass a medical-flight expert commission.

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