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Convert Gallons To Liters Look Like Conversion

Gallon (US)

Definition: Convert Gallons To Liters is a unit of volume explicitly with respect to the fluid limit in both the US standard and magnificent frameworks of estimation. The US gallon is characterized as 231 cubic inches (3.785 liters). Interestingly, the royal gallon, which is utilized in the United Kingdom, Canada, and some Caribbean countries, is characterized as 4.54609 liters. In the two frameworks, the gallon is separated into four quarts.

Quarts are then separated into two pints and pints are isolated into two cups. A cup is involved two gills, making one-gallon equivalent to four quarts, eight pints, sixteen cups, or 32 gills. Further separating the US and the supreme gallon, a US gill is partitioned into four liquid ounces, while a magnificent gallon is isolated into five. A US liquid ounce is consequently 1/128 of a US gallon while a magnificent liquid ounce is 1/160 of a royal gallon.

History/beginning: The term gallon most intently starts from “galon” in Old Northern French and was created as a framework for estimating wine and brew in England, bringing about measures like the wine gallon, lager gallon, and magnificent gallon.

Current use: In the United States (US), gallons are frequently utilized for bigger compartments, like half-gallon tubs of frozen yogurt or one-gallon containers of milk. Gallons are additionally broadly utilized in efficiency articulation in the US, as well as a portion of its domains. The royal gallon is utilized significantly more sparingly than the US gallon, with most nations all over the planet utilizing liters while referring to fuel.

The US fluid gallon is a unit of liquid volume equivalent to four quarts, eight pints, or sixteen cups.[1] The US fluid gallon ought not be mistaken for the US dry gallon or the magnificent gallon, which are various units of measure.

The gallon is a US standard unit of volume. Gallons can be abridged as lady; for instance, 1 gallon can be composed as 1 lady.


Definition: A liter (image: L) is a unit of volume that is acknowledged for use with the International System of Units (SI) however is actually not a SI unit. One liter is equivalent to 1 cubic decimeter (dm3), 1,000 cubic centimeters (cm3), or 1/1,000 cubic meters (m3).

History/beginning: There was a point from 1901 to 1964 when a liter was characterized as the volume of one kilogram of unadulterated water under the states of most extreme thickness at environmental tension. In any case, because of the mass-volume relationship of water is founded on various elements that can be awkward to control (temperature, pressure, virtue, isotopic consistency), as well as the disclosure that the model of the kilogram was somewhat excessively huge (making the liter equivalent to 1.000028 dm3 as opposed to 1 dm3), the meaning of the liter was returned to its past, and flow definition.

Current use: The liter is utilized to gauge numerous fluid volumes as well as to mark holders containing said fluids. It is likewise used to gauge specific non-fluid volumes, for example, the size of vehicle trunks, knapsacks and climbing packs, PC cases, microwaves, fridges, and reusing containers, as well as communicating fuel volumes and costs in many nations all over the planet.

The liter (spelled liter in American English and German) is a metric unit of volume. The liter isn’t a SI unit, yet (alongside units like hours and days) is recorded as one of the “units outside the SI that are acknowledged for use with the SI.” The SI unit of volume is the cubic meter (m³).

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Gallon (US) to Liter Conversion Table

Gallon (US) [gal (US)]Liter [L, L]
0.01 gal (US)0.0378541178 L, l
0.1 gal (US)0.3785411784 L, l
1 gal (US)3.785411784 L, l
2 gal (US)7.570823568 L, l
3 gal (US)11.356235352 L, l
5 gal (US)18.92705892 L, l
10 gal (US)37.85411784 L, l
20 gal (US)75.70823568 L, l
50 gal (US)189.2705892 L, l
100 gal (US)378.5411784 L, l
1000 gal (US)3785.411784 L, l

How to Convert Gallon (US) to Liter

1 gal (US) = 3.785411784 L, l
1 L, l = 0.2641720524 gal (US)

Example: convert 15 gals (US) to L, l:
15 gal (US) = 15 × 3.785411784 L, l = 56.78117676 L, l

Quick conversion chart of half a gallon to litres

1 half gallon to litres = 1.89271 litres

5 half gallon to litres = 9.46353 litres

10 half gallon to litres = 18.92706 litres

15 half gallon to litres = 28.39059 litres

20 half gallon to litres = 37.85412 litres

25 half gallon to litres = 47.31765 litres

30 half gallons to litres = 56.78118 litres

40 half gallon to litres = 75.70824 litres

50 half gallons to litres = 94.63529 litres

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