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How to Become a passenger plane pilot

Do you have an irresistible desire to fly an airplane? Do you dream of 

becoming a pilot? All that is required of you is the availability of free time and financial opportunities. This article will walk you through the steps you need to take to make your dreams come true. Of course, its implementation requires high-quality preparation. Training and practice begin on the ground, with the study of theoretical disciplines. Agree that not a single person will become a real pilot without knowledge about the design of an aircraft and engine, aviation equipment, the basics of aerodynamics, etc. High-quality training is the key to your success and the safety of the entire aircraft and passengers.

Flight academies

In order to become a pilot, you must complete training at the flight academy. As a result, commercial specialists emerge from it, who receive the right to fly cargo and passenger aircraft. Applicants are waiting for the exams. The highest requirements are placed on knowledge of physics. Physical endurance is assessed separately. You will have to pass such standards as running, jumping, etc. During the training, you will have to constantly undergo medical examinations, since you must have excellent health that will not let you down during the flight. The psychological state of the future pilot is also being assessed since he is responsible for the lives of hundreds of people. He is required to react quickly and coldly. The term of study at the flight academy is 5 years. After its completion, students take exams and receive a certificate. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get to work right away. This is possible only after obtaining a pilot’s passport, which indicates how many hours you have flown. The fact is that during training this time is not enough. Therefore, you should not apply for the position of the first pilot in a large company. Set a goal for yourself to get a job as 

a co-pilot. Look at small organizations first. And after you have flown the missing hours, boldly move forward, and look for a better-paying job and a more solid position.

How to Become a civil aviation pilot in Russia

It takes a long time to become a civil aviation pilot. Consistent training, theoretical knowledge, and practical skills await you. The training is very serious, no matter where you study (university, academy, or 

civil aviation school). The first thing educational institutions focus on is theoretical knowledge. They include a lot of information, but the most important thing is the structure of the vessel, operating rules, and aviation medicine. After graduation, a person receives a certificate. He is assigned the category of a commercial pilot, and he can carry out commercial flights. And then, as we said above, it is necessary to improve qualifications, gaining the missing number of hours. Summarize. To become a pilot, you need:

  1. Enter an educational institution.
  2. Successfully pass the theoretical and practical exams.
  3. Pass a medical examination.
  4. Fly hours.

For reference: there are special short-term courses. After passing them, a person receives a pilot’s certificate. But they are rather amateurish. You can fly your own helicopter. You will not be allowed to serious types of air transport.

Salary and career

The pilot is a very highly paid profession. It does not matter in which country you get a job. You need to fly from 65 to 85 hours per month, depending on the airline you will work for. For example, in the US, each hour is valued at more than $200. In Russia, a pilot earns more than 300,000 

rubles a month. This is about 3,500 rubles per hour 

And if you add overtime, bonuses, and bonuses, then the amount increases by several tens or hundreds of thousands of rubles. And most importantly, in this area the highest percentage of employment.Our advice: in order to become a pilot and work in a serious company, gain experience on commercial routes, in small organizations, or in light aviation. In total, two years is enough, after which you can apply for the position of first pilot or assistant commander. The main thing is that you must be completely sure that you want to devote your life to this particular profession. After all, the training will take 5 years. And tuition fees are not the lowest. If you have any doubts, there are special career guidance tests. After passing them, it will become clear to you where to go and what profession to choose.

How to become a civil aviation pilot in Russia
How to become a civil aviation pilot in Russia

Pros and cons of being a pilot

Of course, every profession has its advantages and disadvantages. You must have thought about them. Check out the list below and decide what prevails in your idea of ​​​​the profession of a pilot. Find out what disadvantages you cannot put up with, and what you will adapt to in order to fulfill your dream. If you see only positive aspects, then you will surely reach a high level of skill and will work for your own pleasure.

Cons of being a pilot

  1. Unclear work schedule. Any pilot of civil aviation is often not at home, and the time and work schedule often do not coincide with the work time of relatives. Weekends often fall on weekdays. Sometimes all this has a bad effect on family life.
  2. Irregular working hours. Pilots are waiting for frequent changes in time zones, downed rhythm, stress, and constant fatigue. Especially at first. Of course, over time you get used to everything. But pilots work more than 8 hours a day.
  3. Emotional stress. Now the work is not as hard as it used to be. This was made possible thanks to modern equipment and innovations. But the pilot must still monitor the indicators on the instruments. He cannot be distracted.
  4. Risk. The profession is very risky, as shipwrecks happen from time to time.
  5. One job for life. Flight schools only teach you how to fly. You will not have time to acquire another specialty. Often, after leaving the profession, pilots experience a lot of stress. They confess that the sky was their whole life, and now they have nothing left. Therefore, it is better to prepare an airbag in advance.

Benefits of being a pilot

  1. The elite of the profession. Many people decide to become a pilot because it is a necessary and sought-after profession. It is unique and is considered prestigious all over the world.
  2. Wage. The salary of aviation specialists is one of the highest in the world. This applies to any category. Of course, if you have to fly on charter flights, then you will get much more than if you fly on a cargo ship.
  3. Trips. The profession involves constant travel to different cities and countries. Usually, aviation professionals have several hours or even days that can be spent sightseeing.
  4. Early retirement. Civil aviation pilots need 25 years of service to retire. The minimum number of hours is 6,000. The pension consists of insurance and additional payments and reaches an average of 40,000 rubles.

Personal qualities and Skills of future pilots

There are a lot of requirements for aviation specialists. We will not list all of them. Let’s focus on the main ones. We have already said that when you enter a civil aviation 

flight school or any other educational institution, your physical and psychological health will be checked first of all. But, besides this, the pilot must be responsible, punctual, stress-resistant, and instantly respond to any situation. Ideally, he should strive for leadership, be attentive, decisive, patient, diligent and be able to analyze circumstances. A separate bonus is knowledge of a foreign language. We all know that today’s knowledge of English does not surprise anyone. This is the norm. Therefore, it is worth mastering a second, and even a third foreign language. Such specialists are valued more, they are allowed on international flights. At the exit from the educational institution, representatives of this profession will know how 

the aircraft works and its technical characteristics. Pay attention to the fact that pilots constantly fill out a large number of documents. Literacy is another necessary specialist skill.

Requirements for Future pilots

The number of budget places in 

educational institutions are limited. Most students study on a contract basis. But even in this case, it is difficult to get into flight school. And that’s why. When passing the medical examination, the applicant must be completely healthy. This applies to the cardiovascular system, lungs, vestibular apparatus, vision, and pressure. All scores must be as high as possible. The slightest deviation from the norm is fraught with the fact that you will not be allowed to study. A medical examination is carried out on each course, and if a student has health problems, he is immediately expelled. Before each flight, pilots are also checked by representatives of medical institutions. Before you become a pilot, make sure you are prepared to lead a healthy lifestyle and be responsible for other people. Pay attention to the fact that only persons under 30 years old become students.

What are the professions of a pilot?

There are actually several professions of a pilot. But this does not mean that one person can manage all types of air transport. It all depends on which ship he leads. Civil aviation is the most in demand. It is to her that the entire article is devoted. But besides her, let’s look at other professions in the aviation sector.

civil aviation pilot

The crew usually consists of two pilots – the commander and his assistant. They monitor the indicators of devices and make decisions based on them. If the first specialist cannot continue to control the vessel for some reason, the second one will take over his duties and take the aircraft further. All actions are coordinated with controllers and pilots of other aircraft. The assistant also has knowledge about the design of the aircraft, management in different weather conditions, and safety. The only difference from the commander is less experience and hours spent in flight. Most people choose this category. It is highly paid, relatively safe, and interesting.

Commercial pilot

The profession of 

a commercial pilot is no less responsible. It also has high requirements. But graduates of universities or colleges who did not have time to work out hours for civil flights are allowed here. At first glance, the task is simple – to bring the aircraft to its destination and ensure the safety of the cargo. But in reality, unforeseen situations often arise. And the specialist has no right to make a mistake. Therefore, he must know exactly what to do in this or that case. The same coordination of actions, monitoring of indicators on devices, and compliance with safety precautions are necessary. The specialist must understand the operation of radio communications and check the results of the technical inspection.

test pilot

The profession of a test pilot is rare. It is very dangerous and is given only to those who thoroughly control the aircraft, it shows itself as a real ace in the sky. Most often, former military pilots who have served for more than 5 years go into the profession. The specialists are faced with the task of testing new types of air transport, control systems, guidance, etc. Their duties include identifying the flaws and shortcomings of designers. Dangerous situations often arise. Quick response is a necessary quality of these specialists. Otherwise, they risk their lives.

military pilot

Becoming a military aviation specialist is the hardest thing. First, a person studies in a military educational institution. At least – in a military flight school. And ideally – in the Air Force Academy. Then he enters the military service under the contract. Military pilots learn not only to fly an aircraft but also to operate in war conditions, including opening fire on an object. There are several such educational institutions in our country. They train fighters, bombers, scouts, and other specialists.


So, we looked at how to become a pilot, and the advantages and disadvantages of this profession. In conclusion, let’s say one thing – this specialty is really interesting and exciting. This is an opportunity to see the world, and receive decent wages and benefits. The main thing is your desire and desire.

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