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Restoration of the AN-2 aircraft completed in KKLUGA

The legendary Antonov 2, AN-2, also known as maize, the plane is known for its outlines to almost every inhabitant of our country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok!
The machine, which went into series back in 1947, is a record holder of its kind, more than 18,000 aircraft have been produced and flies to this day.

gagapk aviation
gagapk aviation

This aircraft can be found on every continent of our planet.
The history of our Krasnokutsk Flight School is closely connected with this winged machine.

This plane gave the sky to thousands of pilots of the USSR and post-Soviet countries.

A monument to this aircraft has been erected in all Russian civil aviation schools, and our educational institution is no exception.
Time takes its toll, and over the years the monument in KKLUGA fell into disrepair, for which we, cadets of the 1st year, enrollment of 2020, decided to restore the former appearance of this winged legend, to make a gift from the cadets to their favorite educational institution on its 80th anniversary.

Then there were 16 volunteers who got down to business.
Then there were 16 volunteers who got down to business.

Then there were 16 volunteers who got down to business.
The reconstruction took 3 weeks of painstaking and difficult work in his free time.

Now our monument airplane is the most beautiful and new among all the schools of the Civil Aviation of Russia, It will delight all cadets, employees, and guests of our educational institution!!!

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