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SEO for a website

How to get complete SEO of a website?

Everyone is worried about his/her website’s ranking on the first page of Google. Actually, there are many ways to rank a website and most people don’t know about the best SEO for a website. So, we explain in complete detail SEO to rank your website in a smart way. You can get all the SEO and backlinks from us by contacting us via Whatsapp at +923091349105 or by Gmail: [email protected]

The first step of SEO for a website

Keywords of a website are the major part to rank for the website, if you get top-rated keywords with high volume and low difficulty then you can boost the ranking of your website. It means you complete the first part of SEO and by keywords, 30% SEO for a website can be fulfilled. You have to use paid tools to get top-rated keywords such as Ahref, Moz, and many more.

The second step of SEO for a website

The second step for SEO is content because all the users want to read the unique and good content on each website. So, you have to write the content with your own idea which should be attractive and impressive. For writing good content you have to use some tools like plagiarism tools, Grammarly extension, and Google translator. But if you can not write the content properly then you have to visit different websites related to your keywords and in this way you can get the idea for content.

The third step of SEO for a website

On-page SEO is the third step for ranking a website. Actually, On-page SEO is done during writing an article on your website. There are various steps you have to fulfill for on-page SEO like meta title, meta description, URL, media, tags, table of content, internal and external linking, keywords density, keyword in the title, description, and URL, and headings of the article. You have to use a plugin for on-page SEO whose name is Rank Math. This plugin is very useful to fulfill all the parts of on-page SEO.

The fourth step of SEO for a website

Backlinks/off-page SEO is the fourth and most important part of your website. After completing everything on your website then you have to create important and high-authority backlinks for your website. There are different types of backlinks you have to create including profile, comment, PDF, social media, bookmarks, tier, forum, web 2.0 backlinks, and guest posts backlinks which are most important other than all.

The important thing is where and how to create high-authority backlinks. Actually, most of the websites provide paid backlinks which are powerful for ranking but there are many websites on which backlinks are created freely. You can also rank your website with free backlinks and such types of backlinks we provide you. In this way, you can boost the ranking of your website.

The last step of SEO for a website

Speed optimization of a website also plays important role in SEO a website. You have to use some plugins like swift performance and light speed cache to increase the speed of your website and you have customized your website completely to raise the speed of your website.


SEO is one of the major parts of a website if you want to rank your website on the first page of Google then you will have to fulfill all the above steps after that you can chase the competitors of your website. So, you can fulfill all the steps of your website by contacting us on at Whatsapp +923091349105 or Gmail: [email protected]

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